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גובה>5 '- 5'3 "[150 ס"מ - 160 ס"מ]
משקל100-120 פאונד [46-55 ק"ג]
אתניותלבן / קווקזי
שפותרוסית, אנגלית
שיער ערווהמגולח
Beautiful girl, I adore communication
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About me

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 I've been described as a petite, sweet treat and have to agree. Natural, soft curves, a vintage essence, and a surprisingly large bosom. I have a sassy and a sweet side; which on would you like to get to know first?

My sweet side comes quite naturally. I love to flirt. I want to see what makes you blush. I want you to make me blush. I want our time together to feel untouched by all the other stresses of the world. It's just you and me:) Let me awaken your senses and your mind.

People have told me I can be described as flirty, fun, quick witted, and when you make me laugh I will light up with delight. I am a sensual, vintage vixen to the core and have a love of red wine, roses, old movies, and flirty conversation. 

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Ideal guy

An ideal guy has eyes only for one girl . He is very attentive towards her and he's happy only if she is happy. If I'm she is , he is too. He's always thinking about her 'n texts phones often to let her know where he is and what he's up to, and when I can expect to see him again. He's not secretive or selfish. Not demanding. Never forgets her birthdays. and is generous with gifts. 

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секси кошечка! как же ты хороша зайкааааааааа!
сипатичная девчуля
Эта девушка просто сногсшибательна! В привате творит такое, что можно себе оторвать что-либо, она БОЖЕСТВЕННА :-* Люблю тебя зайка, ты лучшая! Хочу приходить к тебе вновь и вновь :-*
Самая любимая моя девочка! Будь всегда такой обаятельной, привлекательной и самой желанной!
Очень приятная девушка)
За тебя моя родная
Я готов идти до края
И во сне, и наяву
За тебя я пасть порву!!!
Обворожительная киска!!!!) Космическая!)
What about do you want talk with me?

Baby I'm gonna treat you so nice you're never gonna wanna let me go...

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Come to me...

I hope you’ll find me a safe place where your soul can come to rest and rejuvenate, and you feel welcome and able to open up. I’m an experienced kinkster and I’ve heard almost every curiosity anyone could care to share. As you can see from my pictures, I radiate a deeply alluring, sophisticated fire; my natural ease and genuine enthusiasm tends to light up the evening and we’ll soon feel like we’ve known each other for years.

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True :)